What do you think am getting wrong about Adsense

Hello, Please am have a new website generating descent daily traffic, and i decided to try Adsense and i was approved for adsense. But my problem is my adsense dashboard shows that i have 34,000 pageviews, 33,000 inpression at 0.03 CPC with over 528 clicks and my earning shows i made just $5 please i would like to know if this how the adsense work or am i getting anything wrong?? Please i need help from people who knows more about Adsense thanks.

What were you expecting? Let’s start from there.

  1. i never expected a 0.03 cpc or is that as your traffic multiplies your cpc increases too?
  2. what advice will you give to increase adsense revenue
  1. It could be your niche [some niche cpc is not attractive]
  2. Some ad formats generates higher income than others. You might be using the format that generates little

#MyOpinion though

On my niche blog, I do make 10$ with 1000+ PV … I use only link ads on my blog. Before content, content middle and after content