Want to know how I will collect my check from populuslivesurvey

(Stanley Adindu Chika ) #1

I have an account with populusivesurvey.com.when I opened it I used united Kingdom fake address and they only pay people by check only to the poster address you gave to them.so I don’t know how I will collect my check. I need finance platform that I can use their uk address to collect the check from populuslivesurvey, so that they can post my check their or an individual that can do it for me or can I use my Nigeria poster address . The money in question is £50.

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

You can try any shipping company that gives out UK address to Nigerians .

(Stanley Adindu Chika ) #3

Bro please tell me any one you know and how to get to them abeg.

(Stanley Adindu Chika ) #4

Again bro am finding it difficult to open amazon affiliated program in terms of phone number verification. I got USA number and call came on my Nigeria line here but to enter the four digits number that is showing there becomes problem. I don’t know how to copy it on my clipboard ca