VisCorner aims to make it easy for people to find and hire reliable service providers from the comfort of their homes in Nigeria

VisCorner, the brainchild of a young Nigerian by the name of Sadiq Odunsi, is an online platform that aims to eliminate the stress involved in searching for quality service providers in Nigeria. It was founded with the dream of being the pioneer online marketplace in Nigeria where buyers and providers of service can meet, interact and get connected.

Mr. Odunsi is a graduate of Strategic Business Development from the University of Vaasa, Finland. He first had the idea to create an online marketplace for the Nigerian populace in 2017. Due to dedication, focus and hard work, Mr. Odunsi and his partner were able to get the online platform fully operational in March of 2019 and so far, things look promising.

The platform is not dissimilar to many online marketplaces out there except for the fact that it is targeted towards the Nigerian populace and as such, focuses on promoting services that are in hot demand by the said populace. These services include event planning, cleaning services, catering, interior decoration, and the likes.

Within two months of it being operational, the platform racked up about 650 active service providers and that is without any active marketing involved.

Jobs, on the other hand, are not easy to track. Sometimes people connect via VisCorner, take it from there and do not give any feedback. This means that the platform cannot exactly keep track of all successful projects. To tackle this, steps have been taken to actively encourage customers to leave feedback on the platform. In addition, VisCorner now reach out to customers and service providers after a project’s completion date to find out if the project was completed successfully or not. Service providers are also advised to encourage buyers of their services to leave feedback for them on the platform as that will help showcase them as trustworthy to other prospective customers.

The online platform offers a unique opportunity for both service providers and service consumers as it eliminates the stress of physically searching for a service provider that can be trusted. This is because customers can judge service providers based on the reviews left for them by previous clients. VisCorner also takes active steps on its own to ensure the capability of service providers using the platform. Service providers who have been verified on the online marketplace are awarded a badge which makes them easily recognizable to customers searching for service providers.

Work is still ongoing to bring many more people on board and turn into a household name. Plans are being put in place to start an intensive marketing campaign to create more visibility for the platform. 3rd Floor, Alpha & Omega Building, Queen Elizabeth II Road Mokola, Ibadan Nigeria +2348102782002