Virtual Inspections in Post Covid-19 Era: The New Normal for Property Inspections in Nigeria

Amongst the worst-hit industries is the real estate industry because of the huge risk of physical interaction which aids the spread of Covid-19. It is hard or even nearly impossible for you to buy, sell, or rent a property without the buyer or seller doing a property inspection.

Technological advancements are now being developed astronomically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, technology being deployed across the real estate sector now supports virtual walkthroughs that allow your prospective client to navigate your listed property and get the same real feel of physical inspections, within the comfort of their homes or offices.

Hope is not lost as you can now take your prospective clients for your property inspection in these times, oh yes! you can now do it virtually! This latest adoption of virtual inspection is gaining more attention when it comes to buying houses or renting properties after the coronavirus outbreak.

The process of driving to various locations so as to allow your prospective client to inspect your different properties across cities can be exhausting; within these times of social distancing and a heightened fear of contracting the coronavirus, it is still very much possible for you to still be in contact with your client in an even better way. Your clients now get the opportunity to view and inspect various properties from the comfort of their homes or anywhere around the world through their smartphones. Property listings platforms such as Gillow allows real estate agents to showcase their available properties while undertaking live inspections with prospective clients across the world

You can now also create a virtual tour with just your iPhone device, you do not need any special gadgets and technical know-how to create your virtual tour, and however, you may still decide to outsource it to a specialist who does this. A Gillow VR assistants can get this done and upload your virtual tour to the Gillow platform or anywhere online where you want to deploy it.