The unpatriotic Nigerian media must learn from CNN" Lauretta Onochie says as she compares reactions to the killings of Nigerian policemen to the killing of a US police officer

Presidential aide Lauretta Onochie has accused the Nigerian media of being unpatriotic.

She pointed out how the American media, specifically CNN, reported the killing of a police officer during the attack on the Capitol building and compared it to the lack of a report from the Nigerian media after police officers were killed in the violence that ensued after the End SARS protest was hijacked last year.

She tweeted: “Its touching to see @CNN lamenting d killing of a US police officer & the crushing of one who thankfully survived. But I dont understand why nothing was said about Nigerian Police officers who were recently killed in similar circumstances, one of whom was roasted & eaten. #BeFair.”

She added: "If you do not moisten your lips, the dry harmattan wind will tear them -Anioma Proverb.

"The #UnpatrioticNigerianMedia must learn from @CNN. They always stand by their nation.

“They may hate their President but they love their nation & their national institutions. They stand by them.”