The Most Important Chemicals For Making Liquid Soap Are

(Iyoha) #1

Nitrosol = for thickener purpose

Soda ash= for cleaning purpose

Surphurnic Acid= for foaming

Texapon or SLS= for foaming

These are the major chemical that makes a liquid soap before adding other things such as perfume, colour, and there are some other ways you can turn your liquid soap to medicated soap {you can contact me for that} no you don’t have to worry about prize everything is not money you can consult me on this ‘matter’ for free.

How To Make 25 Liters Of Liquid Soap From Scratch

 Get a 30 liters of rubber

 Add 15 liters of water

 Add a little colour e.g green colour

 Get a separate small rubber and soak to melt your soda ash

 Add your Nitrosol in to the 30 liters and mix properly

 Turn your diluted soda ash into it without the particles at the bottom mix properly. At this point the solution will be too thick and will require that you add more water but wait.

 Turn your surphurnic into the solution and mix properly

 Add your texapon

 Dilute your sls in a separate rubber with a small water just to melt it and turn it inside the solution without the bottom particles.

 Add more water about 5 liters mix properly

 Add your Fragrant

Note: at this time our liquid soap is already 25 liters and thick however you can add water to your taste but make sure it still foams very well.