The answer the Nigerian youth need

                                   A New Era

To say that the Nigerian youth have almost given up on the system is an understatement. How can one work so hard but still gain so less? The plight of the youth is just one of the many problems facing the so-called giant of Africa. We vote into power, those we trust to guide us to unity, comfort and growth as a country. Yet one man can simply walk into o,ffice and loot millions of naira. The corrupt continue to rule and the effects are disastrous on the future leader of our country. The youth are the foundation of Nigeria, and whatever Nigeria becomes tomorrow depends on their wellbeing and their love for the country.

It is true that cooperation brings people together and a group of people have come with a genius plan. The name Collegelloc Inc. may not ring a bell, but that is because it is brand new. Collegelloc started by a group of Nigerians students who attend Boston University is on the road to finally unite the Nigerian youth as one. The company hopes to achieve this through a one of a kind hybrid social networking platform: a crossover of a forum and a social media service here. With this, the youth can communicate effectively from all corners of the country. Through this communication, there will be an increase in startups in Nigeria as people can share ideas, locate future business partners, share knowledge such as academic questions or seek advice to gain admissions, ask for real-time directions and the closest barbing salons in any area, etc. The possibilities are endless. Everything the Nigerian youth may not commonly have an access to will be available on Collegelloc.

The plan is to utilize these opportunities to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge we have in our country. The corrupt leaders of today will not last forever and the young will rise. Therefore, with current lack of jobs, let us generate more entrepreneurs; with teachers going on strike, let us seek help from our peers who are knowledgeable around the country. These are ways to make sure the foundation of Nigeria, our youth, is not broken down but gradually freed from the carelessness of those we have entrusted with power. We can save and solidify the future of our country and Collegelloc has taken on the task to help see it through. If one person finds an opportunity for all, do not let others suffer. Spread the word. We must now come together more than ever to fight corruption. Those in power are using the people as their pawns and distractions to hide their bad deeds. The issue of a secession, tribalism, hatred must stop. Nigeria must rise.

To learn more about Collegelloc, visit their Facebook page and join the conversation at Spread the word and build a better future. Your next business partner or a breakthrough in your life might be one click away.

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