Teach your children that their only gender is the one God gave them - Reno Omokri


Former Presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri has asked parents to teach their children that the only gender they have is the one God gave them.

According to Omokri, God holds parents responsible for their home no matter how “mad the world is”.

He also urged parents to uproot their kids from any environment that wants them to change their gender instead of beating, obliging or depriving them of parental attention when they ask for such.

The presidential spokesperson wrote;

Teach your children that their ONLY gender is the one God gave them. Just as you clean mud off your shoes before entering your home, you should also clean your home off society’s madness. No matter how mad the world is, God still holds YOU responsible for YOUR home. If your son comes to you and tells you he wants to be a girl, don’t oblige him, or beat him, or deprive him of parental affection. Instead uproot him.

Uproot him from the environment that is teaching him that that is okay. Even if you have to move to a different environment, it is worth it for your child. Transgender is a tendency. The more you feed a tendency, the more it grows. The more you starve a tendency, the more it dies.

If at the end of the day, the child still turns out like that, at least you can stand before God and say you did your best according to His word!