SEPTEMBER OFFER: Free WordPress installations and Setup

This is my planet :waxing_gibbous_moon:, our planet. So if I’m offering something, I should first post it here.

So I’m doing that now.

Sometime starting an online business could be what you want.

You may also have heard of an offline business doing great online by the use of a blog.

Having a blog where you market your services, is like having a voice on the internet.

Alot of people also come into blogging to build a multi million brand.

How do I design my blog? Is one of the most asked question from new bloggers.

Now the question is…

Are you thinking of how to build your own online business using a blog?

Are you also thinking of how to set it up because you don’t have the money to pay for the huge setup fee by those who create and setup blogs? (Worth N20, 000)

If your answer to those two questions is YES, then worry no more.


Because I’m going to run through the process of installing and setting up a self hosted WordPress blog at no extra cost to you.

Yes free!!

All you need to do is get an hosting account and also get a domain. Don’t worry I’ll tell you what to do…

If you’re interested, follow the below link for details…

Well done

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Please blogger and WordPress which one is better, I’m confused here.

Both platforms are better , however i will recommend blogger for a low budget startup … But if you have the cash to invest then Wp will be the right choice as you can use it to create a professional blog even without much knowledge of programming languages. So make your choice.

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