See How Ball Boy Fortune Changed 8 Years After He Was Kicked By Eden Hazard (Photos)

Fortunes change just as the world rotates. This is true about Charlie Morgan, the ball boy who was angrily kicked by Eden Hazard.

The incident occurred during a crucial game involved with Chelsea while Hazard was attempting to help the Blues upswing their two goals during the dying minutes of the game. Morgan who served as the ball boy during the game fell on the ball while trying to pass the ball to Chelsea star player Hazard. This made the footballer furious as he kicked the ball boy.

Unlike the expectation of many, Morgan refused to press charges against the footballer. In response, he posted on his page. He wrote;

“Crazy 24 hours. Spoke to Hazard and I will not be pressing charges. Be in touch.”

Charlie is the legitimate child of Martin Morgan, one of Swansea’s largest shareholders and already pursuing business as a profession according to Daily Star, taking his A levels at the time of the game. And that has become a reality, creating an ultra-premium brand of vodka with a friend.

Talking about his success story two years down the line. Morgan in an interview disclosed how he ventured into the Vodka business. He said;

“We were 18, 19, 20 at the time and every one of our friends for their birthday would always get a bottle of the same old vodkas. We just felt it was a bit boring. We just felt we could do it a little bit better.”

Since then it has gotten a whole lot better for the brand as they got a lot more exposure. Their brand - Au Vodka comes in a very attractive gold bottle, manufacturing 2,000 bottles and launching them across Swansea.

In 2019, they received more endorsement from rappers and celebrities after launching a Black Grape flavour of the alcoholic brand. This resulted in the selling of over 10,000 bottles.

This saw them introduce a Black Grape and during last year’s Covid-19 pandemic, this soared to 1.7 m, leading Morgan and Quinn to own the UK’s largest premium user vodka brand for sales, excluding Smirnoff.

Instagram, where Au Vodka has 104,000 followers, was a huge part of their success - and that helped them meet Mayweather, a multi-millionaire athlete.

Morgan was just a ball-boy eight years ago but today he is a very successful businessman who has the interest of Floyd Mayweather. Life is definitely in turns.

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