Search Engines optimization service (SEO)

SEO optimization is important to ensure you are driving traffic to your site via search engines. Continue building out backlinks and ensure your website content is relevant to ensure high performance.

No one can guarantee you first ranking on Google Or other search engines, but making your website to comply with seo will give you higher ranking and more insight.

I build quality backlinks for sites. Building back link is connecting your site to other sites higher than your own. You need to connect to high domain authority sites.

Connecting to low domain authority sites will bring you down and you can get penalized. So what is my service?

I will connect you to 20 high domain authority sites that are in the top 1000 rank in Alexa. And I will send the links back to you so you can confirm it yourself. After that your site will come up in search engines when they confirm the link.

Note Google ranks sites 4 times a year. That is when you start building links for your site, Google will give you page rank 1. Then Google will come and check your site again after 3 months, if your links have increased, you will go to page rank 2 and so on. Page rank 10 in the final. That time you are getting millions of visitors.

My service causes only N10,000 If are interested in building links for your site and double your traffic, call me on 08109384269