Save Your Adsense Earnings For A Year, What Car Can You Afford?

If you’re monetizing your blog with Google Adsense, what car do you think you can afford if you save the Adsense earnings for a year?

Just for fun, let us know :slight_smile:


I can afford a Venza or a Toyota Camry 2010 model.

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Something like Honda Accord 2008 Silver model

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If I had a time machine… I was banned from adsense in 2015.

Make i reserve my comment

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Bros, are you joking or for real ? With adsence , is it possible?

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For now my AdSense earnings in a year can’t even afford a laptop, commenting from MusicbaseMP3

:grinning:hum Honda

lol. Well. Think cool.

It is possible of cos if your earning is a way too high.

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So sorry. How do you monetize now?

Lol… Same here

Please don’t o.

Mostly affiliate programs.

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Do you benefit more or less than when you used AdSense? Have you tried or Amazon affiliate?

I earn up to $300/month currently from affiliate marketing.

I have not tired or Amazon. For now I place links on pages with good organic traffic. Most of my visitors are from Nigeria and they shop for products and services offered by local brands. I heard there is a lot of money in Amazon, maybe in the future I will try it.

Cos if i tell you guys, you won’t believe :laughing:

Please tell us… we want to know

Biko talk oo

Can I learn from you?