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VOOY Technology Services LTD has unveiled Renters Vine ( ), an industry disrupting platform that makes Property Listing and Management easier and faster.

It is a revolutionary platform designed to make all Rental Property transactions seamless, faster, easier and more fun for Landlords, Property Managers, Agents, and Renters using carefully designed software and streamlined processes. It changes the status quo and represents the future of the Renting and Property Management in the Real Estate industry in Nigeria and beyond. is set to elevate the stakes in the industry by leveraging the power of technology and world-class standards through features like a Community Forum, a
well-resourced help center, and a target blog section that complements and adds value to theoverall experience of using the platform.

The platform allows Property Managers to receive online applications, screen a potential Renter before they close on the transaction. Property Managers can also create Lease Agreements and conduct ‘Check-In’ and ‘Check-Out’ Property Inspections online to move a tenant in and out of a Property.

On , Property Managers target and attract the exact Renters they want because only registered users can contact them through the platform. The approach of targeting a specific market segment cuts off the noise in the marketplace and increases the chances of Renting Properties by as much as 60%. Some studies in other markets have shown that vacancies get filled between 60 and 90 days in dedicated marketplaces.

Evelyn Adewale, Property Manager said: “I have found extremely useful. These guys have gone beyond sending me leads. I get to manage my tenants for on the platform. You must try it to believe it. I highly recommend this platform!” provides a seamless and intuitive map-based search option which allows Renters to search and save searches for specific communities and neighbourhoods so there can be alerted within the hour of a new listing in that Community.

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VOOY Technology Services LTD is a provider of online software solutions for the real estate industry. is a platform developed by VOOY Technology Services LTD. Our
mission is to make the Property marketplace in Nigeria more efficient and save time for Renters, Landlord, and Property Managers. At , we strive for excellence in our service and have a commitment to improving our platform to an industry-leading position. Our vision is to become a leading Rental Property marketplace both in Nigeria and internationally.

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