Rename Windows 10 PC Name In Easy Steps

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Yesterday, a friend of mine requested I help him change the computer name of his windows 10 PC.

I asked him why he wants to rename the Windows 10 PC name and he told me it’s required for him to be able to use the PC for Glo SIM Registration business. The PC has to be renamed to the ID issued to him by Glo, else the face2face application used for Glo SIM registration will not work on the PC.

I was able to get it done for him and I decided to share the steps with you and this should help especially if you want to rename Microsoft Surface Laptop running Windows 10 Pro. So, if you want to rename Windows 10 PC name, just follow through the steps below.


1. Click the Windows 10 “Settings” icon


![windows 10 pc settings|843x377](upload://5uw8mv1cT4Fe5Fh5tExXKutuYF7.png)


2. Click on System > About.


![rename windows 10 pc computer|1567x1208](upload://b3LpsRncTYKA9L3kFL1dluqWL9M.png)


3. Click on the “Rename this PC” button


![change name of microsoft surface laptop computer|1017x448](upload://s2mHYV08bp6WKtk7M7MaDmoxUKF.png)


4. Type the new name for your computer and click “Next”

A window will pop up asking if you want to restart your computer now or later.

If you want to change to the new name immediately, click Restart now to restart your computer.

If you don’t want to restart your computer right this second, click Restart later. Your computer’s name will be updated the next time you restart it.

Alternatively, you can change the full computer name of Windows 10 PC via “Control Panel

Go to Control Panel. Click on “System and Security“, click on “System” and click on the “Change settings” link in the “computer name, domain and workgroup settings” section.

I help this helps.

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