Reasons for blogs and pages to disappear and possible improvements

The loss of blog posts and pages is one of the many problems in the blogosphere that beginners face. Blog posts are your blog’s content and pages are more like navigation points on your blog. Blogs are about pages.

If your post disappears without realizing it, it can have a big impact on search engine optimization. Can you find a blank search page?

For example, if you land on a page suggested by Google itself and it turns out empty, you will be directed to the blog homepage.

Well it happened and I was a victim. Reasons for blog posts and pages to disappear. Over time, new and professional bloggers continue to complain about the loss of blog posts and pages, but those who have a lot of blog posts don’t usually realize it. Why, because this number affects older and non-new releases, even though there is no proven security reservation, the reason why only affects old releases, but more on new releases. I can honestly say that there is no specific reason because there are several reasons, I am a victim and I can say that it happened to me many times. Yes, I meet twice a week and am very confused when I think of the right decision. I have used the address bar too often to find solutions, but to no avail. So I can clearly say that there is no specific or known reason for the loss of blog posts or pages. If you are ready to resolve blog errors, fix this. Because there are no proven causes, it is very important to investigate the alleged reasons for the loss of blog posts or pages. The following problems are my experiences and I suspect these are some of the reasons why these posts disappear from your blog. • I had an editor on my blog when our agreement was complete, so I decided to delete the editor, give options to delete all of his work altogether, or write it to the administrator because I know very well that he only contributed footer design. , I deleted it. This has facilitated some of my posts. • Another problem is the theme that I installed. I can’t find out if the reason for removing all topics related to that topic during uninstallation is. However, after deleting the topic, I lost part of my post. Blog posts can also be lost • Use a reset theme • Reset plugin • Malware • Or you accidentally deleted a post. Whatever the case, I’m sure if you try to get help on your WordPress forum you will see lots of suggestions asking you to activate your design area, which you and I know are blank. Possible solutions to eliminate blog posts and pages. There are no specific improvements to the disappearance of posts and blog pages, but there is always a way out without losing anything, or should I say that not much is lost? After searching and landing without any possible repairs and deciding to contact my interval via live chat, I complained to them about what really happened, not to mention I also removed the editor from my blog. . A backup list with the date was sent to me to make decisions and adjust things. Be sure to choose a date that you know best on a full blog. Your archive will be restored and everything done after that day before deleting the backup and everything you lose will be restored. So if you have such a problem, just contact your hosting company and they will fix it immediately.

Conclusion. The loss of blog posts and pages, as mentioned above, the cause is unknown, and the alleged reasons listed above are from my own observations And when I resolve my problem, I receive all my posts after a backup from my hosting company.

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