Proweb POS - A Complete Business Management App

Whether you are a small or large scale company, there are problems your business faces day in and day out and there are certain ways you had wish your system should run to control input and maximize output. Some of these problems could be

1 Lack of adequate time monitoring your business activities no matter where you are.

Solution: What if there is a system that allows you to do this at your comfort, will you like to know more?

2 If you could have managed all of your businesses in different locations on one platform.

Solution: What if there is a system that allows you to do just that? Will you want to know more?

3 Trust: You don’t trust that your sales personnel are giving the accurate figures of sales and cash - theft.

Solution: What if you have a system that allows you to assign a role to your sales personnels. Something that puts you in a total control of your business.

4 Accurate records of products: You don’t actually know at a glance how many products you have, which one will expire soon, which one is getting low, how many has been sold and how many are currently in stock?

Solution: What if there is a system that simplifies and manages your stock for you. You know what you want to know and you get an accurate report in split of seconds.

From the sales points to the delivery process, keeping track of your activities are paramount and second to none. Letting your stock communicate to you when a product is about to expire and when a product or an item is low in stock are some of the many features of Proweb POS.


A state of the art all purpose business software that allows business owners to do more and take total control of their business. No matter your business type Proweb POS is designed to answer your business needs.

Highlights - Features

  1. Multiple Business Locations

  2. Stock Management System - keep track of your products

  3. Accounting - Accurate accounting

  4. CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  5. Point Of Sales - Multiple payment system design to prevent theft

  6. Multiple Users - Custom Roles

  7. Device Compatibility - Laptop, Desktop, Smart Phones.

  8. Flexible Report templates - Stock, Sales, Purchases, Products and customer reports.

  9. User Management - Design to prevent theft.

With Proweb POS you are placing your business first. 80% of businesses that are currently using Proweb POS always call to leave a testimony and keep recommending Proweb POS to others.

Proweb POS is a system that allows you to customise it to suit your business need.

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