Pls Help Me To Review My Blog

Pls am a 13years old who loves blogging, so I want people to help me review my WordPress blog and tell me what I still need to do on it.

The URL to the site is

For a 13yr old I must commend your effort . BT pls don’t let it interfar #DIskills

Did you buy that site or you buy articles? It has way too many posts for a 13 YO. You need to change the menu color. Grey on green is a no no no

Thanks, I will

It is written by me

Have resolve that, you can pls tell me what next

I must confess your blog is lovely…I think I need tutorials from you

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Thanks am grateful :raised_hands:

That’s a great blog, and you’re doing well.

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Thanks. Am grateful

Please help me to review my blog I want to apply for AdSense