Please help me review my blog

Good evening to you all. I am John and I am new here. I recently created my blog and I have not been making enough on it as expected, sometimes I make 0$ per day even with adsense. I need to know if something is wrong with my template or the blog/setup. Thanks check it out

Blogging biz is a marathon and not a race. Really, you need to learn blogging if you want to be making good cash but many Nigerian bloggers don’t learn. You need to learn keyword research, optimization, both on page and off page. You’re monetizing with AdSense and your title and contents are not business driven. you must write about what advertisers could pay for. let me stop here… techpally publisher

Truthfully… You just need consistency and a little creativity because there’s too many entertainment blogs tailored to Nigerians here on the web doing the same thing; pushing out huge chunk of unoptimized news content. On the average note, your blog is cool and keep writing.

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how many months will it take new blogger to start making money, and can a free bloghost like make money.

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