Oriflame Free Registration 2020 : How It Works

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In this post, I want to share with you how the the Oriflame free registration 2020 works!

Normally, you are required to pay #4,490 as registration fee when you join oriflame business in Nigeria.

Before now, the registration fee was #2,990.

![oriflame registration fee in nigeria 2020|1080x1080](upload://lhigU18XM8Ov2RYmqTD45JpcecR.jpeg)

So this July 2020, Oriflame is giving Nigerians the opportunity to join the business for free without having to pay the #4,490 but on a condition, that you will buy Oriflame beauty products worth 100 bonus points as seen in the flier below.

![oriflame free registration 2020 july|958x793](upload://5wPzxfgu3ODAfOrrFpW8oQGJRAT.jpeg)

Oriflame products that will give you 100 bonus points will cost you around #20,000.

If you sign up as a new member of Oriflame and select products worth #20,000, the registration fee will be waived for you i.e it will not be added to your invoice. Hence, you will only pay for the products you select. And you will also get the Oriflame welcome kit ( oriflame bag, free cream, price list etc) for FREE.

In summary, register to join Oriflame, select products worth #20,000, make payment and wait for the delivery of your products.

Kindly note that the Oriflame Free registration ends 31st of July, 2020.

If you have the #20,000 handy and need help in signing up or buying the Oriflame products, feel free to chat with me on whatsapp (07062918898)

I will register you and assist you so you can start your Oriflame business without stress.

If I register you to become member of my Oriflame team, I will also assist you with strategies I use to promote and sell Oriflame products online in Nigeria.


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