Ogbongeblog : Site Transfer In Progress

We’re currently moving Ogbongeblog (not the forum) from it’s current host to another host.

So, you might experience downtime while the site transfer is in progress.


It will be back online soon.

Kindly bear with us.

NB: The blog was moved from Blogger to WordPress earlier this month.

you’ve started experiencing host issues so quick @jidetheblogger ? if i may ask which host were you using before and which one are you moving to?

Ah!! You had issue with Namecheap??? Where are you now moving to oo???

Wish you success Sir.

Issues with WordPress. That’s how they will now follow you to move from Namecheap to the host you are moving to.

How many people knew he was using Namecheap?? What’s your point? Who and who did you see following him to Namecheap???

This una uncontrolled and unverified talk dey tire person.

Glad it’s now done successfully…

A friend is using the Ultimate Plan with them and everything is cool

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