NGAdverts Ads, One of the best ads network so far

Google may not approve you right does not mean you can monetise your blog. Why not take a limp forward and try NGAdverts ads network. Its an ads network where you can be a publisher to monetise you blog like google ad-sense.

It can also give you the opportunity to generate traffic to your blog by advertising your blog on other popular blogs like sunnews paper, Linda Ikeji’s blog, Bellanaija, Naijaloaded and much more.

To monetise your blog click`here and register as a publisher. After registration your blog will be approved in not less that 5 hours. Then you’re good to go and make your money… You can check out my blog to see your self … For more infomation you can email me on…,, facebook @naijatruevoice… Keep on smilling and share the good news:grinning::grinning:

Hi. Is it a CPC or CPM ad program?

And, what’s the CPC or CPM rate

Both CPC, CPM, CPA it depends on the advert that was shown or clicked on your web site. Give it a try bro

Okay thanks I will.

Since you just wanna monetise your account just register as a publisher [here]( but if you wanna aslo advertise your blog on ther popular blog and websites you can also register as an advertiser or you register for both... Enjoy and share the good news..

I can see the main reason why you are spamming ogbonge planet is to get referrals on the non-tested ad network.

Its what am using right now… For get about the referral and visit the site direct. Take a step forward and you will tell the story. I’m only trying to show other means, but if you know any other means, you share with us

Let me try and see how it goes

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