Hushpuppi and Woodberry New phone evidence

On 3rd December it is reported that new evidence against Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka Mr Woodberry has emerged which is likely to ignite further federal charges against Woodberry.

Huspuppi’s right hand man Mr Woodberry who was arrested in the United Arab Emirate on June 10 and extradited to the U. S. is still incarcerated after his freedom was put on hold pending a formal dismissal. He is said to have fraudulently stolen $14.5 million dollars. However it may be a long walk out of the woods as new evidence from a search of Woodberry’s detention cell has unveiled Woodberry was in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S6 mini smartphone and was communicating with co-conspirators in Dubai, South Africa, Turkey and Nigeria. Confidential intelligence was received that Woodberry was still conducting criminal activities on a mobile phone from within the US Marshall detention facility.

Forensic analysis of the seized phone shows Woodberry was orchestrating new financial attacks against US based businesses and the gathering of funds for lawyer fees associated with his future court appearances. From chat transcripts Woodberry can be seen demanding payment from conspirators in Turkey who owe him $820,000 from his share in a $2.1 million BEC (Business Email Compromise) fraud that is supposed to have taken place in February of this year.

Also, instructions from Woodberry were recovered showing him requesting accomplices to withdraw money from hacked Bitcoin accounts from ‘’ Further analysis of the website which has links to the Russian cybercriminal underworld showed the sale of hacked Bitcoin accounts of innocent people in Canada and USA. These Bitcoin accounts have balances ranging from $200 – $45,000 and had all the necessary security information to make a successful withdrawal of hacked Bitcoin accounts of unsuspecting victims. From Woodberry’s phone messages via Telegram, officials were able to trace $314,800 directly to Woodberry from these stolen Bitcoin accounts on

A motion is likely to be put forward to open new criminal charges against Hushpuppi’s right hand man Woodberry who’s case is lodged with the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois. As mobile phone forensic investigations are still ongoing, it is possible additional criminal activities will be uncovered also. The Cell Phone Contraband Act of 2010 made it a crime for Federal inmates to possess or use cell phones while incarcerated. Under federal law, however, inmates convicted of possessing contraband in prison must receive consecutive (or additional) prison time after their original sentence is completed.

An attempt to contact Woodberry’s lawyer Micheal B. Nash for comment but have since not received a response.