Namecheap EasyWP Wordpress Hosting : Anyone Here Using It?


(Jide Ogunsanya) #1

EasyWP is a product of Namecheap, similar to godaddy managed wordpress hosting, that allows users to create a WordPress website ready to use in minutes. It makes installing, configuring and maintaining WordPress as easy as a couple of clicks!

It costs $8.88/yr in the first year and $48.88/yr in the following years.

Any user here?

Any user here?

(Peter James) #2

Saw it but not using it actually because am liking blogger more

(Olivier Ntanama) #3

I am also tempted by their offer of Wordpress Managed Hosting but I prefer to have opinions before I get started. Since they are still in beta version, I personally prefer to wait.

(Peter James) #4

I tried to purchase this plan from namecheap, but I did not see the option to process the purchase. Does it mean, it’s not ready yet?

(Alex Morco) #5

I haven’t used them because I was using shared hosting till 2014 after that I have moved to Cloudways WordPress managed hosting and I am happy with their services, Its very fast and reliable because I have some WordPress blogs and small websites.