My account has been locked on gadaddy and I cant access my domain

Hello, please I used a friends credit card to pay for mt domain renewal and the order was later cancelled. Just yesterday i realised that I couldnt access my blog ; I tried logging in to mu godady account to see what is happening and realised thst my account has been locked. They are requesting for IDs and bank statements but i have lost contact with my friends since its been a bit long Please any idea on how I can retrieve my blog if it depends using a different service, and how can I do that since I dont have access to my godaddy account. Thank You.

Using your friend’s card for payment without any proof that he/she authorized you to do so sounds like fraud. Until you can prove that it’s not fraud, just forget the account.

I am not even sure you can transfer the domain out of godaddy till you provide all those things they asked for.

Please what step can I take to have my blog running if the account has not been able to be unlocked. Any advice is welcome I really need to get the blog running again. Thank you.

Just as @jidetheblogger stated, I smell stolen credit card.

Just get another domain and host using a genuine debit card which you can prove its ownership.

I acquired a new domain name from namesocheap where they accept bitcoin as a payment method. I lost my search rankings though. New domain is Thank you all for your contributions.