Merge Facebook Pages Easily!

If you want to merge Facebook pages:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 2 Pages you want to merge and click Continue .
  3. Click Request Merge .

If you’re unable to merge your Pages, it means that your Pages aren’t eligible to be merged.

What happens when you merge two facebook pages

If your Pages can be merged, the people who like your Pages and any check-ins will be combined, but posts, photos, reviews, ratings and the username will be deleted from the Page you merge.

The Page you want to keep will remain unchanged, except for the addition of people who like the Page and check-ins that were merged from the other Page. The Page you don’t want to keep will be removed from Facebook, and you won’t be able to unmerge it.

When merging Facebook pages which one stays ?

Select the one you want to keep in the first field as seen in the screenshot below :

If you see the option to request to merge your Pages, Facebook will review your request and merge it as soon as possible.