Let's have a discussion: why did you join blogging?

This is going to be an honest-to-God or whatever you believe question and will require same answer. So the question is quite simple and I’m sure we will get hilarious answers.

So why did you join blogging?

My Answer My roomate is a blogger. But I opened my first blog in 2013, a year before him, when I knew little or nothing about it. So when I saw his AdSense at $200, I went crazy. So I decided to take my share of the online cake. It was going smoothly till I discovered SEO. Then everything changed. I had to put in hours each day more than before. I considered quitting, but decided against it. Today I run ToolBazed, where I publish original, SEO enabled articles on anything that comes to my mind. :grin:

I started blogging since 2011 in other for me to educate people on the current events; based on the Scripture, to inform and enlighten the readers. it is an avenue to motivate or encourage readers to strife for the best no matter their circumstance or situation in their environment. As time goes by, I learnt that there is money in blogging. It is now that am looking at that aspect maybe I can generate some cash in other for me to achieve my primary purpose to reach more audience.