Is TapSwap Banned in Nigeria?

Has tapswap been banned in Nigeria ?

No, tapswap has not been banned in Nigeria as at the time of publishing this.

When I asked why my tapswap is not opening nor loading, I later discovered that tapswap was undergoing maintenance and it’s all fine now.

I can access the tapswap telegram bot in my telegram app in NIgeria without making use of any vpn for tapswap.

As regards the rumoured ban in Nigeria, below is an announcement from tapswap twitter account that debunked it

Dear Nigerian community, We’ve heard concerns about limiting access to users from your country, but we want to clarify that this is not the case. We had to enable verification for the region from where DDoS attacks were initiated. As promised, we will disable this once our infrastructure is fully adapted. We deeply appreciate every member of our community from all around the worl and always welcome you here. Thank you for your understanding and support !