Introducing Edustore.Ng

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Good Morning.

Many will agree with me that more than 60% of internet users are on mobile. However this may not translate to repeat customers in the case of online businesses because of view compatibility. Many online businesses devote most of their energy towards capturing these users. #cp

Most online business website are not compatible on mobile view when purchasing their product, but compatible on desktop view and this may result to low sales because more people are on mobile world. Some users don’t have a laptop instead of them to purchase your product they have to go and visit the cafe or borrow a laptop.

Every online business that sells a product should solve these problem by reducing these stress for their users.

My advice is to develop a platform that is compatible with desktop view, mobile view and tab view for easy purchase. So that they can relaxed either in their offices, schools or homes to buy your product anytime, anywhere.

With Edustore.NG, Its users can operate, play and purchase and sell any educational product like COURSE EBOOKS , EXAMS PAST QUESTIONS & ANSWERS , PROJECT RESEARCH WORKS on any device view either mobile/desktop.

Edustore.NG platform is very easy to use in a way that Nigerian student who don’t have a laptop can use his or her mobile to visit the site and purchase any educational product with their debit card either Master card, Verve or visa without contacting the seller. And also Authors can upload their materials and tag it for sale on any device. This platforms comes with automatic download of any material on any device both free or sale education materials.