Interview with BeepTool CEO on Cheap Call Rate on VoIP App & Remittance Services

This is an exempt of the Interview Techpally had With The CEO of BeepTool

Today, we’re having the CEO of BeepTool CIS limited on board, Mr. John Enoh and he’s going to talk about his business that’s growing home and abroad.

[i]Good day Mr John, how can you introduce your company to our people? BeepTool provides integrated communications, secure payment, and money transfer in one unique solution. BeepTool is available as a mobile and desktop application for the consumer market and a customizable powerful plugin for enterprise.

Beeptool is a revolution rooted in a desire to break free from the high cost and barriers of traditional mobile communication and internet. With a passion for enriching users’ experience.[/i]

Can you tell us about your services, the categories of the products?

Yeah, you’re right; Our BeepTool has four integral product offerings listed below.

  1. Smart Communication
  2. Secure Remittance
  3. Value Services
  4. Enterprise Solutions

Remittance facilities are expensive and the industry is very competitive since we have global brands who’ve pioneered such in Nigeria and still doing, how do you win this competition in Nigeria and Africa as a whole?

[i]We ensure BeepTool transfers money instantly worldwide and cheaper than similar services, like Western Union.

Nigerians abroad can now use BeepTool to directly pay their families’ bills and load their mobile phones with prepaid credit. BeepTool’s aim with targeted remittances is to eliminate the worries of our Nigerian immigrant workers, who are often more financially literate than their families back home

It’s a pleasure to host you today, what’s BeepTool app, what are the benefits to the users and what is the drive behind Voice over Internet Protocol-app? Nigerians are traveling more than ever before and that’s why we’re offering flat-rate calling to Nigeria. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or whether you’re calling a landline or any of Nigeria’s mobile carriers. You’ll always pay just 2.6 cents per minute.

BeepTool app is a free communication app that enables video conferencing, talk, text and file sharing on an array of devices.[/i]

Many people have heard about BeepTool UAO Club & Investors but may not understand these initiatives, kindly bring these to limelight?

The two-in-one initiative is a special one for us to rout for an unconventional method for raising fund to power our next line of revolutionary integrations in line with our philosophy of communal power in the dictates of our everyday life. We want business elevators to invest in the fast growing business, where the good yield is guaranteed.

Ohhh, that’s interesting. Now that Nigeria is battling with unemployment, is there any avenue for Nigerians to make money with BeepTool?

[i]Yes, our partners are already earning income with us. through our partnership with passionate individuals and their businesses across World, we make a physical connection with communities to address payment related needs. We empower our Retailers to be relevant in their communities by being the solution to customers communications and remittance needs and also help them grow their businesses.

Some of the Benefits for Retailers include : Discounts on top-up and calling cards. Cards of face value less than 5USD attracts a discount of 5%, cards of face value of 10USD, 20USD, 30 USD, 50USD, 100USD and 500USD are discounted at 10%, while those of 1000USD and above are discounted at 15%.[/i]

What are the business partnerships you’ve made so far?

We’ve partnered with Interswitch Nigeria Limited, JNFX International and TransferTo for mobile money and financial services. We are also working on business partnership with Sky and Space Global company and to debut satellite narrowband communication smart app and devices in Africa.

What challenge are you experiencing now and what are the plans to get over it?

Our biggest challenge is funding and we’re already talking to investors to partner with us as we strongly believe in the market and growth is really encouraging.

It has been wonderful speaking with you, What role do you expect the Nigerian government to play in the Communication industry and E-commerce to help driving forward the market and economy at a better pace?

The Nigerian government should coordinate and regulate the communication sector in such a way that it will encourage more startups. Also, the government should reduce the entry licensing cost of startups, most especially indigenous small and medium scale businesses and they should work towards designing a legal framework to compel financial institutions to support start-up growth in Nigeria.

Where’s your company situated and what are other contact channels where people can make inquiries about your products and services?

People can visit us at our physical office in Nigeria or in US. Nigeria office: 411 Road BT 63, Gowon Estate Egbeda Lagos Nigeria USA office: 2300 West McDermott Road Suite 163, Plano, TX 75025, USA People can also send us Email at , visit our website at and have live chat with us.

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