I really need to get Adsense on my blog

(Adebusoye Adeleke) #1

Pls…anybody have idea on how I can get get adsense on my blog.The first time I applied,my blog was under construction den so they did not approve.now,the blog is Ok and i have reapplied.but for a month now,i haven’t heard from them.They keep saying they are working on setting me up.Pls what can I do.my blog is www.theurbanboost.com

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

Why apply when site is under construction? Just chill for them or use a new gmail to re-apply.

(Adebusoye Adeleke) #3

Thanks boss…how can I use another gmail to apply?I have another gmail account but don’t know how to use it.the new gmail account isn’t associated with any blog.wot method can I use?pls teach me

(Moses Ukanna) #4

Reapply, remove other ads or referral ads like the Jumia and Konga ads on your blog for now.

(Godssword Edet) #5

I’m new to this but I got to know that adsense believe in quality and unique content. I got approved within the same month I started my gospel blog (purityposts.com)

I had 23 posts as at then. Among those 23 were 5 posts with more than 2k words each

(Chaktty) #6

It’s good that the blog is now showing AdSense ads