"I have forgiven them" - Benue State APC Publicity Secretary narrates how he was tortured by soldiers


James Ornguga, the Acting Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Benue State, has narrated how he was allegedly tortured by soldiers.

Ornguga, who disclosed this on Facebook on Friday, May 14, said that while the soldiers were beating him, they kept saying “lie down, frog jump, ■■■■ your father, are you a big man?”

“SOLDIERS TORTURED ME. M va ande sha shoja tugh kyua a FMC junction yô shoja gbidye m kpishi. “Lie down, frog jump, ■■■■ your father, are you a big man?” etc. Didn’t know there was a curfew in town or there was any problem.Nyam nyiôn mo tsô, kpa hemba ga. Ayant” he said.

“History has also recorded that I received my FIRST EVER military beating yesterday. (Thursday) We need the study of history in Benue State,” he wrote.

Sharing a photo of himself wearing military uniform, he added:

“Sadly, they maltreated their own. I have forgiven them. I won’t report them to anyone, not even to God. Kpa iyough nyiôn tsô”