Html edits on blogger won't save. Please help!

(Peterson O.) #1

Good day everyone. I am a new blogger. I discover recently that my blog’s html theme edits doesn’t save. Though it acts like it saves, but when I reload, it doesn’t reflect. How do I fix this problem please

(Stanley Chidon) #2

The cause maybe wrong placement of code. Can you screen shot it after editing it.

(Jide Ogunsanya) #3

Which theme are you using? I guess it’s one of the new blogger themes…right?

(Peterson O.) #4

I use the blogger simple theme and I have not done much change or editing. You can check it out at

I switched from http:// to https:// secure connection and there is a mixed content error which as I was told can be fixed by editing all http to https in the blogger html theme but when I try to edit it, it saves but doesn’t reflect. Http still appears.

Others edit but that particular http— about five of them— doesn’t

(Peterson O.) #5

How can I fix it please

(Jide Ogunsanya) #6

Well, I am only aware of Adsense gadgets causing the same issue in new Blogger themes. So, we fix that by removing the codes for the built-in Adsense gadgets in the new Blogger themes.

How to fix it was explained here.

(Peterson O.) #7

Alright thank you Jide

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #8

You should have explain earlier better in this way nah :wink:

Based on what you explained here, some codes in blogger themes are actually stubborn and won’t saves as https but only http

Example is; if you noticed at the beginning of theme html code, there is one like and another one in the next line… Those codes might not agree to save as https

(Peterson O.) #9

That’s right bro. So it’s there no way I can change the “stubborn” http to https? If yes, in what other way can I solve the mixed content error so the user experience of my blog is not affected

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #10

Where are you seeing the mixed content error?

Was it from Pagespeed Insights

(Peterson O.) #11

When I press ctr+ shift+J on my laptop. It affects user experience and gives false security alert to visitors. Like the website is not safe