How to Unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails & newsletters from Inbox with a swipe.

FREE Mail Organizer that Unsubscribes, Organizes, Deletes and Blocks inbox spam.

IMG_20190621_151255_989_wm Today on we are look into the simple steps to Unsubscribe and delete unwanted emails & newsletters from Inbox with a Swipe. We are making use of Mr. Clean. Mr.Clean is a completely free inbox cleaner for Gmail which lets you take full control of your Inbox. Unsubscribe from spam email lists, delete bad and unwanted emails and organize your inbox now for free! Free for a lifetime with No Advertisements and No Payment Barriers!

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1 Main Features: 2 How to Use the App? 3 Unsubscribe from Mailing lists 4 Delete spam emails 5 Mail Organiser

Main Features: :heavy_check_mark: Unsubscribe from spam mailing lists :heavy_check_mark: Delete bad and unwanted spam emails :heavy_check_mark: Mail Organiser :heavy_check_mark: Clean and Remove clutter

How to Use the App?

  1. Login using your gmail account
  2. Swipe left to continue to keep the subscription
  3. Swipe right to unsubscribe
  4. Swipe up to delete the unwanted emails

Unsubscribe from Mailing lists With Mr.Clean, an inbox cleaner for Gmail, you can easily unsubscribe from spam mailing lists or mailing lists that you do not follow anymore. The application also shows you how often you follow different mailing lists.

Delete spam emails The application gives you the ability to delete bad and unwanted spam emails easily. Although Gmail has a good anti spam filter, spam always manages to slip through.

Mail Organiser The application gives you general data on what mailing lists you follow regularly. You can use this data to easily determine which mailing lists to unsubscribe from. It allows you to easily filter spam emails and delete bad and unwanted emails.

Download Mr.Clean completely free now to organise your inbox and block all spam!

I don’t think i can log in my Gmail into any third party app or web.