How to setup a PayPal account that receives and send fund

Gurus in the house pls help me out. I created a Nigeria PayPal account but after linking my card I discovered I can’t receive funds and I can send. And I started to wander how I could setup one which I can receive with.

Nigerian PayPal cannot receive fund.


You can open a PayPal account from Nigeria if you visit the PayPal Nigeria domain. Which is, paypal dot com / ng.

However, if you’re true to yourself, you would agree with me that using PayPal the way it is in Nigeria, is useless.

For freelancers, who always want to receive payment from clients in diaspora, or want to withdraw their earning from micro job sites, it’s impossible with the Nigeria PayPal.

So the most feasible way of enjoying the full functionality of PayPal is to improvise.

And mostly, it’s to use PayPal as a Nigerian doing business at a foreign country.

And that foreign country could be US, South Africa, Lesotho, Kenya, UAE and the likes…

Fast forward to the main question:


Visit the most feasible country PayPal you want yours to be domiciled.

For South Africa, it’s paypal dot co dot za, For US, it’s paypal dot com / us, or Lesotho, it’s paypal dot com / ls,

and more… depending on your choice.


Sign up to the business option, and fill in your business and personal details. For the business details, please choose INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS. Then you will be required to put in your legal ID like NIN or Passport number.

You should use your personal details as they appear in your bank. Fill in your personal details, verify and move to the next page.

If you don’t know any one in the country you want your account domiciled, you should go to yellow pages of that country to get pseudo credentials, while you use it alongside your real credentials in the personal details area.

Once that it done,


Verify your email and lift your paypal limit with a credit card.

You can get a working card at UBA or the Wema by Alat card, they work very well till date. Use it to verify your paypal and lift the limit.


Test your account by sending some funds to activate the account. You can get paypal funds from freelancers and your account is set.

I personally have used the same process for my almost 3 years old paypal.

It’s safe, although it’s a black hat method.

The good news is that I have put together the entire process with pictorial evidences along each stage including how you can withdraw your paypal funds directly to your Nigerian bank account at N360/$ without using an intermediary or exchanger all in a blog.

It’s free of charge below:

How to Open a PayPal Account In Nigeria that sends and receives fund. | 1000NairaDaily

Nice one…

@Olaniyi_Mudathir If you are online and do perform transactions online, you are definitely gonna need a Paypal Account that sends and receives money. If you are in Nigeria and you want to receive money from Paypal in Nigeria, you will see that you can’t do that but hey, I have a solution to the Nigeria Paypal limitation. This is the same method I used in creating my own Paypal account that sends and receives money here in Nigeria. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions on this post and you will finally own a Paypal account that can send and receive money here in Nigeria. Enough of that and let us get started.

Below is this Post that will work you through on how to achieve that…

How To Create A Paypal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria

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