How to prevent content theft on WordPress

When I was still on the Blogger platform, there was this guy who copied my blog post word-by-word. His action made me look for means to penalize his blog but it was all to no avail. I’ve never tried DMCA before the incident, so I rushed to their site looking for refuge, only for me to find out that they charge $199 (N71,640) to take down a site for copyrighted content.

The charges were too much for someone like me. I began to think, instead of paying that huge sum to them, I can invest the money in other things. This drove me to look for other alternatives, at first, I searched heaven and earth for a free take down service, but I didn’t find any.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon a code that prevents other people from copying from a blog. This code doesn’t only prevent copying from a blog, it also stops Right-click function. I copied the code, placed it on my Blogger sidebar and voila! It worked.

Read Also: How to disable both right click and copy & paste on blogger In this post, we are going to look at how we can stop copy and paste on your WordPress blog using WP Content Copy Protection plugin. Install and activate WP Content Copy Protection plugin. In case you are new to this, check out our well detailed post on how to install plugins on WordPress.

Upon activation, the plugin will begin to work with immediate effect. You can access the plugin options by clicking on Protection with the padlock sign or go to Settings>>WP Content Copy Protection.

Like most plugins, WP Content Copy Protection plugin is free to download but it has a basic feature and a premium feature. The basic feature is available to all users while the premium feature is available for those who purchase the premium plan. Let’s quickly take a look at all features of the basic and premium plan.

Basic features of WP Content Copy Protection It Disables right click context menu on all content (except href links) It Disables text selection (globally) on PC and mobile devices This plugin Disables text and image drag/drop/save on PC and mobile devices Basic image protection (image link URL’s are automatically removed) Copy methods disabled from onscreen keyboard and shortcut context key Secures your uploads directory and sub-directories from public access Disables right click and save function on default video and audio embeds Javascript validation (displays error message when disabled in user browser) This plugin Disables keyboard copy controls (CTRL A, C, X) - Windows only Disables ‘Source view’, ‘Save Page’, and ‘Print’ key functions Disables f shortcut key for accessing developer tools to view source code No obtrusive popups or alert messages as they are known to defame your site No negative side-effects on your SEO (search engines can read your content) This is a non resource-intensive plugin that works silently in the background No configuration, customization or coding needed. Simply plug in and leave Premium features of WP Content Copy Protection EVERYTHING in the basic version plus Admin can exclude specific pages/posts/categories from being protected Admin can enable/disable protection for site admins only OR registered users only OR admin and registered/logged in users Advanced/aggressive image protection (makes it near impossible for users to steal your images | pc and mobile friendly) Compatible with all gallery plugins (such as NextGEN and NextCellent) for uncompromised image protection Removes feeds (rdf, rss, rss2, atom, rss2_comments and more) from content scrapers and autoblogs Added extended keyboard copy protection commands (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X compatible) Added Prt Sc (Print Screen) deterrent agent (preventative measure in image theft) Prtsc agent equipped with instant redirect trigger (instantly bounce offender) Added extended CSS for text and image protection (mobile devices and smartphones) Source code view is disabled from F12, Ctrl+Shift+I, Ctrl+U and other combo keys Source code padding added (tricks the user into thinking your source is hidden) NO negative side-effects on your SEO (search engines can read your content) Works (tested) in IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari Compatible with all major theme frameworks and browsers Compatible with WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins Lightweight, non resource-intensive plugin Quality Support | Dedicated Devs coming soon : source view page/post encryption and MUCH, MUCH more

Note: The features mentioned above were gotten from WP Content Copy Protection plugin description.

This is a plugin that all WordPress users who is really keen on growing their blog should have. It is easy to setup, non resource-intensive and it uses different techniques in protecting your content.