How To Make Your Data Last Longer

Asides the increasing cost of data, the rate of data consumption also seems to be going overboard. The never-ending debate about which mobile network consumes the most data keeps resurfacing, and data users are constantly scouring the internet on the cheapest data plans with better value.

In this post, I will show you how to manage your data more efficiently and make it last longer.

Disable applications running in the background One of the major consumers of data on mobile devices is actually applications running at the background. Their hidden activities in the background steal data without the user actively using them. Turning them off will help you save lots of data.

Don’t leave your data on when you are not using it It is quite understandable that the average Nigerian practically lives online, but the truth is, he or she does not have to. Leaving your data on all day long, not only consumes data, but it also consumes battery. For many large periods, there is really nothing you are using the internet for. What we may not know is that, whether we are using it or not, our mobile networks still read data as long as the network is left on. So make it a habit to turn off your internet when you are really not using it. You are also keeping the environment green by doing so.

Turn on Data Saver Every mobile phone comes with a data saver option in mobile network settings. This feature helps your network minimize the amount of data it uses to access the internet. It also automatically prevents applications that are not in use from accessing the internet.

Use mobile mode when browsing the internet Although many browsers automatically load web pages using mobile views, many websites still load their PC views. The PC view of web pages actually takes more data compared to mobile views of web pages. So, ensure you are using a mobile browser that loads the mobile view of websites in order to save more data.

Turn off WhatsApp automatic download Many people are unaware of the option that is automatically ticked for them on WhatsApp, which allows WhatsApp to auto-download any media file (Images, Audio, Videos, and Documents) that is sent to them. This consumes both data and memory space. By removing the auto-download, you can choose which media file you want to download, instead of just having lots of irrelevant stuff.

Get Phoenix Browser; it is fast, safe and helps you save up to 30% of your data. With Phoenix Browser, your mobile data is guaranteed to last longer.

I believe these will help. If you got more to share with us, please reply in the comment.