How To Make Money With Even If You Are Not A Web Developer

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EagleHost234 is one of the cheapest web hosting companies in Africa as at the moment with a wide range of affordable services. They have six major plans ranging from small plans to big plans.

The small plans are three, and so also the big plans making a total of six. Surprisingly, the first small plan is with 1gb disk space and it’s free. What you need is just to purchase a domain name and they will provide the 1gb space for you free! Cool right?

Another good thing about EagleHost234 is that even if your website is currently hosted through another company, you can migrate your site to them without losing any of your data. Plus migrating your site to them is so cheap that they will even allow you to pay only just half of the money (That is, 40% off, meaning if, for instance, you were to pay N3,000 for a hosting package, you end up paying just N1,800 instead of paying the full money). This is only applicable to the people migrating their site. And they will assist you in the backup processes.

See all their web hosting plans and their prices below :

Now back to the topic of the day, how to make money with even if you have no knowledge about website development.

EagleHost234 recently made a space available for those that do not have a web development skill or have the skill but don’t have much time because of their engagements. Working with is as easy as ABC. Their requirements are something that everyone can afford.




As an EagleHost234 Web Affiliate Developer Agent, you earn as you work.

You can start by creating awareness online and offline that you are a web developer or you work with a professional web developing company. (NOTE: EagleHost234 will give you the supposed price list so you won’t find it hard billing your clients).

If a client agrees to build a website, you send the job to them, they will do the building and designing and you deliver to your client.

If for instance, you charged your client N20,000, EagleHost234 takes just 60 percent of it. This means you can be making money from web design without even having the knowledge of how to do it yourself.


  • Means of identification: The person must have either a national ID card, Driving license, Voters card or International Passport.
  • Passport Photo: The person should also scan his passport photos and send to them.




Send an email to and indicate that you want to work with them as an affiliate web developer and one of their agents will respond to you or even call you.

They will then ask you some questions and if satisfied with your answer, they will book you for a mini-training and tips. They will also give you full details of the business etc.

I hope this helps.