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The 72ig WhatsApp income generator is a newly tested and proven affiliate marketing program that complete newbies, stay at home mum’s, students can use to make 6-7 figures online monthly by just pressing their phones and selling products they didn’t even create or own. If you are looking for an affiliate marketing program that pays well in nigeria look no further than the 72ig.

In the course of this topic i would be teaching you.

What is 72ig ?

72ig whatsapp income generator program: How it works.

Why choose 72ig?

How much is the the 72ig?

Is the registration fees too much?

What is 72 ig? Sometimes in the year 2018, a Nigerian internet marketer by the name Toyin Omotoso founded Expertnaire ann affiliate marketing platform, while searching for a long lasting system that can easily generate 750,000 per month even if one is isolated with phone and an internet connection.

Fact: The 72ig thrived during the covid lockdown as many people were looking for ways to make money online at the comfort of their homes.

In his quest, he discovered a system that worked perfectly which he later named the 72 ig whatsapp income generator.

For the past 4 years, this system has generated billions of naira.

Fact: As even during this Asuu ongoing strike many students are using it to cash out big.

This new system integrated not only facebook advertising and email marketing but also whatsapp marketing.

72 ig whatsapp income generator program: How it works? There are 4 simple known steps to turn whatsapp into a milking gold mine. Step 1: signing up as an affiliate marketer on expertnaire and having access to all digital product there.

Step 2: choose a hot and valuable product on expertnaire to promote.

Step 3: Make a list of potential buyers in your contact.

Step 4: work in converting your contacts to your buyers and if you don’t have much contact try leveraging on the ones you have to get more.

Bonuses you will get after joining the 72 ig program.

  1. Prepared Scripts and books on how well to sell your products.
  2. 1 year free account on Expertnaire.
  3. Twitter money blueprint.
  4. 50% affiliate commission for promoting the 72 ig.
  5. Continuous support and guidance from Toyin Omotoso: An online class would be held that serves as a help center to affiliates to sharpen their skill set.

Why choose 72ig?

If you take a look, you would discover that most affiliate programs in nigeria are foreign and it requires thousands of dollars to sign up and they don’t even help you they only want you to start earning but expertnaire offers all this at a cheaper rate with even coachings and huge commissions.

How much is the 72 ig? The 72ig cost increases as the value it provides reaches a lot of people. So if you are lucky to get into this program as soon as possible you get to pay lesser that those who discover it later.

Is the registration fees too much for the program? With the current situation of the country, it is not uncommon to find that many people can’t afford the fees but if you consider that you would be making 30 to 50% on a product you didn’t even create or don’t own and that you get to have your money back and even more than enough and you can also apply this program to your personal business and see it grow.

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