How to Make a Career Choice

Choosing the right career goes a long way in shaping our lives and setting a good platform for achieving the set goals.

It is true that most time many of us find it difficult to choose a career or becomes confuse when the time to make a decision as to which career to choose or not. I am glad to tell you today that there are ways you can go about it without making it look stressful or being confused.

You are face with the choice of what to do or which Career is right for you, never worry as the steps below will guild you on how to come up with a perfect decision.

  1. Assess Yourself : What are your values, strength, skills, interest and personality. A careful study of yourself will gradually expose those fields that are okay for you and those that are no go area. Make a random list of occupations that may interest you but before you do I will love that you read this powerful articles first - How to use self assessment and career tests to determine which occupation is best for you.

2. Make a list of occupation to consider : Make a list of occupations depending on your self assessment and career test you took. Make a list from each test you took and watch out for occupation that appears on both list of assessment and asterisk them. Look out for other occupations that appeals to you depending on your strength and traits and also asterisk it. Don’t be scared to add occupations that you don’t know much about as you might get to find out more about them

3. Find out more of the occupation on your lis t: Find out more about each of those occupations on your list and explore them. Find out things like Job descriptions, educational training and requirements. Use government labor market system to gather information in respect to employment and earning.

4. Make a shorter list : At this point you should be able to make a shorter list depending on your research so far. Occupations that you definitely cannot do should be ruled off your list, remove occupations that have weak employments rate and those you can’t meet their educational or other requirements.

5. Meet with people currently working on the occupations on your list : By now you probably have a few occupations left on your list. Let’s say 2 or 5 of them. Get information from those already working on the occupations on your list by conducting an interview with them. Get real life information from them and make further research. Read more on this here

6. Make Your Career Choice : You should be able to come up with a decision at this point after much research. Your decision should be based on how comfortable and how satisfied you are with it. Don’t forget that you can always change career later in the future as this is normal for some who change their career a few times.

7. Set your Goal : Identify your short term and long term goal and set them to suit your career. Short term goals are things you want to achieve in the next three to six months or at most three years and long term goals are things you want to achieve in three to five years time. With thorough consideration and further research if need be, you can now set your goals.

8: Write Your Career Action Plan : This is a very realistic way of achieving your goals. It will require you to write down your short and long term goals and the steps on how to achieve them. It may sound tedious to do but this is a sure way to keep track of your progress. See it as a road map towards your goal. Its also a prove of clear indication that you are aware of your goals.

Original Source: the balance careers