How To Login To NIMC NIN Portal, Print NIN Slip and Link NIN to Mobile Numbers in Nigeria

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If you’ve registered for your NIN in Nigeria, you can print NIN slip online and also link nin to Glo, Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile lines in Nigeria via the NIMC portal;

After you login to nimc portal, you can also check your nimc profile details as well as the list of phone numbers that have been linked to your NIN.

You can also purchase subscription on the portal and share with other users of the nimc nin portal. You can as well, view list of the nin you have verified if you make use of nimc verification to check if someone mobileID is fake or not.

How To Login To NIMC Portal On Phone or Computer

Visit on your web browser either on your mobile phone or pc

Enter your UserID and OTP.

![nimc nin portal login|1145x981](upload://dzPBbKWbEdBphGMgQLIr4hZc6rc.jpeg)


You can download nin app and sign in to get the NIMC UserID and OTP from it.

Login to the nin app and tap the “I Need a PIN” button. You will see the login details you will need to sign in to the nimc national id portal.

How To Print NIN Slip from NIN Portal

Login to the NIN online Portal as explained above

Click on “Print Improved NIN Slip”

![print nin slip from nimc portal portal in nigeria|1556x1324](upload://nFhNaJvQzfAnmDmKoMy1pegfqA0.jpeg)

Click to pay the required fee, select the payment option that suits you and complete the process.

How Much To Print NIN Slip in Nigeria?

Well, if you want to print nin slip from the nimc portal, the fee is #400 but with charges, it’s almost #600. You will confirm after selecting the payment option you want to use for the payment after clicking the click to pay button as seen in the image above.

How To Link NIN To Glo, Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile lines at NIMC Portal

If you want to connect nin to mtn, airtel, glo, 9mobile phone numbers in Nigeria via the nimc portal,

Sign in to the online NIN Portal as explained above

Click on “Link a Mobile Number”

Click the “Add Mobile Number” button

Enter the mobile number, click Next and complete the process.

I hope this helps.