How to link Wema Alat with AdSense

Oga Jide, please come and help out again o. Is it possible to link Alat to AdSense… I’ve been using my sis account to receive payment and I no longer want that, I’m using UBA and the bank is far from where I stay. They said I need to upgrade my account to be able to receive wire. I’ve just been wandering if Alat could work

I don’t have ALAT account. WHy not open GTBank account and use it?

Can I open a normal saving account with the paper copy of national ID? .My UBA is student savings account. That’s why it’s limited to international transactions and the GTBank wey dey here if person not wake up go wait before them open Na to carry pillow go o… I not know where the customers they come from … That one self they gimme concern

You should be able to use that top open a bank account. Student account has limits…