How To Get CAC Availability Code : 2020 Update

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In 2016, I published a blog post on how to get availability code for cac registration in Nigeria.

Well, there has been some changes since then.

Hence, I’ve decided to share with you the latest info on how to get cac availability code.

What Is Availability Code in CAC Registration?

Wondering what is CAC availability code?

Well, it is a unique code that will be issued to you by CAC once your business name is approved for registration, after carrying out a business name search on the CAC registration portal.

CAC requires you provide the code, to complete your business name registration and it is also required for you to access the cac document upload service.

How Do I Get CAC Availability Code?

First thing you have to do is to sign up at

Thereafter, you proceed to cac name reservation, which requires you to submit two names you would like to register as your business name. This costs #500.

After payment, you are expected to wait for approval.

If either of the names is approved, you will see the CAC availability code in the approval note.

Alternatively, the cac availability code is displayed if you navigate to “Company Registration” > My Registrations” and click on your approved business name.

How Do I Get or View CAC Approval Note

==> Go to:
==> Login to your account
==> Click on “Name Reservation” > “My Reservations”

Right there, you will see the “approval Note” button next to your business name.

![how to get cac availability code for business registration in nigeria|1918x1002](upload://fR9TOgeZYlqQUjtVdgE7VYRBga5.jpeg)

Click on it to view it.

You can also download the cac approval note as pdf by clicking the “print” button.

I hope this helps.