How To Fish Out BrokenLinks On Your Blog/Website and Fix Them!

Brokenlinks are a pain in the neck of a blog as they do not only give a red signal to search engines but also make your readers feel uncomfortable.

If you’ve published hundreds of blogposts on your blog, it wouldn’t be easy to check your posts one by one in order to find out which link works better and which one does not hence it is best to find a use a tool that help you crosscheck your blog and fish out those broken links easily!

Without further ado, to see all the brokenlinks on your blog,

  1. use this Broken Link Checker Tool :wink:

  2. It will display a small capcha code to verify you’re human,

  3. Enter the code and click on "Find Broken Links Now!

  4. All your broken links would then be displayed

NOTE: One of the advantages of this tool is that it won’t only show you a broken link, but would also show you where the location of the broken link is :smile: || Don’t forget to share with friends



If you are on wordpress, you can install Broken Link Checker plugin, run a test and fix all necessary things using it. Fast and efficient


Thanks for the additional tips bro :+1: