How To Download Videos On Android Using Phoenix Browser

Videos have become one of the most trending sources of information on the internet. Music videos, funny videos, skits, and movies are some of the most searched content on the internet.

We would not mind brightening up our day with a short hilarious skit while on the go, or get the latest music video from our favorite artist immediately it gets released.

Sometimes annoyingly, some of the video sites require that we create an account before we are able to download videos and this could be time-consuming and rather unnecessary, especially when you are not a frequent user of the site.

So, imagine being able to instantly spot a video and download immediately without having to go through all that stress? Awesome right?

Well, it is usually the work of a detective to help you get certain information you might miss. Since some sites also do not come with a download button, you will need help in detecting the file you want to download and begin download in one click.

One of the best options available to Android users is downloading with Phoenix Browser.

Phoenix Browser is a really great light-weight mobile internet browser for Android phones that comes with a special feature you would most likely not find on any other mobile internet browser, the smart download function.

This particular feature detects videos on any webpage you visit and in one click shows you the download option for the video(s) on that page.

Follow this 3-step guide to download any video from any site you visit using Phoenix Browser.

Well, first, you have to download the browser. You can download using this link.

Step 1: Enter the website

Step 2: Click the download button

Step 3: Download Video

There you go… Now you can download your favorite videos and movies fast and simple on your android device. Please note that the smart download function does not apply to YouTube videos.

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Nice article, I don’t know if i am the only person that don’t like the Phoneix Browser, maybe it’s because Inifinix is forcing it on us now.

Really? Is that the only reason you do not like the browser? You would be surprised at the amazing features the browser has. Also, if you have recommendations or suggestions that can help us improve, we would really love that.