How to display sidebar in post pages (For Emperio Blogger Template)

This is how to make your sidebar to become visible in post pages for Emporio blogger template.

  1. Open your blogger dashboard and then navigate to edit html.

  2. just after the above code, you will see these 2 codes:

<b:class cond=‘data:view.isMultipleItems’ name=‘sidebar-invisible’/> and <b:if cond=‘data:view.isMultipleItems or data:view.isLayoutMode’>

now replace data:view.isMultipleItems with true

and then replace data:view.isMultipleItems or data:view.isLayoutMode with true

  1. Save your template and you will see that your siderbar are now visible in post pages.

Slight problem is that your sidebar will be at the middle and not at the top.

I am humbly begging baba @jidetheblogger to help and tell us how to make the siderbar gadgets to be at the top.

Ive stayed up all night for 2days trying to figure this out on my own uising Chome inspect tool… Pls sir help us

I will like to see solution to this as well

Is your Emporio Blog not displaying a sidebar yet?

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