How To Create Facebook Ad Without Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you can still create an ad. However, you can only:

  • Show the ad in the right column on Facebook.
  • Use a single image as your ad format.
  • Use the Traffic advertising objective, which sends people to your website.

To create an ad without a Facebook page:

  1. Go to ad creation here.

  2. At the Campaign level, choose Traffic as your objective. If you don’t see traffic, click Send people to a destination on or off Facebook instead.

  3. Click Continue. At the Ad Set level, add details about your ad and choose your audience, placement, budget and schedule.

  4. Click Next.

  5. At the ad level, Choose Single Image as your ad format and an image for your ad.

  6. In the Pages & Links section, select Turn Off News Feed Ads.

  7. Fill in the details of your ad (such as the website URL for your ad) and then click Place Order.

While creating your ad, you can see a preview of your ad in the Ad Preview section.

Facebook recommends that your image is 254 x 133 pixels so it displays properly in the right column. For more info on image sizes, visit the Facebook Ads Guide.

Create a Facebook Page if you want to show your ad in other locations (such as News Feed), use a different ad format, or different objective.

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This will result low ads click as 1 half Nigerians browse with phone

i thought they said the right column ads have low CTR

i prefer the mobile newsfeed ads