How I Run Conversion Facebook Ads and Track Reports

Here is how I run Facebook conversion ads to an optin page on one of my sites.

  • Set up a leads generation page on my site with an opt-in form on the page
  • Set up a “thank you” page where users who click on the download button redirects to.
  • Generate Facebook Pixels and add it to my site.
  • Create custom conversion of website event whose URL contains or equals the URL of the “thank you” page. I create this via Facebook ad manager.
  • Create Facebook Ad, select “Conversions” objective
  • Select “custom conversions” from the drop down and select the “custom conversion” created earlier.
  • Set the audience, budget, interest etc
  • Select the Facebook page I want to use for the ad and set up my ad
  • Submit the ad for approval.

That’s all.


How To View Conversion Reports

If I want to view the performance, I

  • Click the “performance” dropdown in Facebook ads manager and select “edit columns”
  • Click on “conversions”
  • Scroll down till you I the “custom conversion” I created earlier.
  • Select it and click “apply” to view the reports.