How I Make Profit and Got Popular Small As A Blogger In My Town

When i started blogging i chose Technology as my Niche (ICICT NIgeria) but with lots of efforts i was not making much i use to make like $100 in 3 months sometimes, i got discouraged, so i dropped blogging not like I’m no more blogging but i was not serious about it because of the Niche i now choose. I was posting only about my tribe Ebira, one faithful day like that at an ATM point in Okene Kogi state a woman approached me and said, Hello, your face look familiar and i was like OK but yours is not, can you please remind me where we met? she said no i mean, you run a website right?, I said yes, and she said right shes been looking forward to contact me about an Article i wrote How To Understand Land Sizes In Ebiraland When You Need one. - Ebiraland Media

She just got back from the states and shes looking forward to buy a land to start Her building project, I did my Homework and hook her Up with my uncle that is an agent and she got a clean Job, she gave me some money I have never earned so much from blogging.

Second time a girl called me after visiting My Donation Page and she sent me money for a Job weldone

I started receiving promotions from artists and Hotels small time I started receiving messages to show at Events. I ran online campaign for some Politicians and small businesses.

Whats my point?

I am not a slave in the City, No. I am a King in my Village by choosing a very small niche to blog on.

The fact is that i am an EbiraBoy and i know whats going on in Kogi state so Blogging was easy and time consuming.

My Blog is Rank High on Search Engines because that what i write on e.g Ebira Music, Ebira Women, Ebira Girls, Ebira Wedding, Ebira Names History, Tradition etc.

I’m not receiving million visitors on my blog but i have targeted and returning and new audience everyday.

You can do the same, this might be a very lucrative new Niche in Nigeria. Every songs in Okene now have my site tag even though i don’t base in Kogi State…

To our Success, Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza. My Blog is Ebiraland Media


Good work. Very encouraging

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nice one there, this is all new bloggers need to know

Good one dear

Good work, keep it up

Interesting one there. Tested and confirmed OK. :wink:

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Yes oo we are interested

nice, congrats my brother

Now that’s what am talking about?!

Things we are looking for are usually around us but we are usually seeking it somewhere else… The sky is your starting point bro

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And this is what I call, understanding your audience well. Good one bro

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This is great. I love this. This is great!!!

Great! :thinking:

Awesome post i am just new to blogging myself and i will keep this idea in mind as i continue to make baby steps in the right direction. is by baby project

awesome post. nice one .

This is nice, it encouraging.