How I Got An AdSense Approval After 19 Retries

I had given up on using AdSense just before I miraculously got an approval last week. The AdSense team had grown tired of seeing my application repeatedly to the extent that they don’t check my website anymore, they just click the disapprove button and I get the AdSense disapproval notification in my email informing me I have just been disapproved because my site doesn’t comply.

Well, I even got rejected in the AdSense products forum, where the white experts said I will never be approved by AdSense. I didn’t feel bad, no, because they don’t know it all. The AdSense policies will favour those with above 300k visits per month, even with copied or duplicate content. If you’re struggling to make 30k visits or page views per month, please strictly adhere to their guidelines.

Why do you think highly trafficked news and music sites with duplicate and overly short content get approved easily and show AdSense ads all over like a trader showcasing his products? The things is, AdSense doesn’t care about your content length, Google does. AdSense doesn’t care about duplicate content (that’s how websites with duplicate news content get approved), Google does.

AdSense cares about the value of your blog in terms of the blog niche and traffic. So, how did I finally get approved? The first thing I did was to observe the policies and the flaws, then I noticed the rate at which duplicate news sites display AdSense ads. It was confusing at first until I logically came up with an answer that in a cocktail party expansive paintings are sold to the personalities with the highest bids.

So, AdSense wants to make more sales or earn more money, and the best way to do that is to put ads on the most trafficked blogs (as long as they don’t do adult content and stuff like that). Here’s exactly how I got approved:


I created 100 good question answering posts in 2 months (gave the AdSense team time to forget my site name). Kept on blogging without thinking too much about the 18+ AdSense Noreply mails in my gmail.


I logged on to a week after the 100 good posts went online and I started getting organic hits or traffic (my rankings climbed 210% up the ladder after I did this). I registered via (no more


I added the Disclaimer, About Us and Privacy Policy pages to my blog. To add a professional privacy policy, just search for the phrase “Create AdSense privacy policy” on Google, you’ll have a couple of Privacy Policy creation web applications to choose from.


After that, I logged into AdSense via the following day and I could access my account. The account was still undergoing a second review so I copied the page level ads code (the code they’ll ask you to copy and paste in the segment of your blog) into my blog’s segment. They’ll tell you the review takes 3 or more days, mine took 3 weeks and within the 3 weeks I saw blank ad spaces on my blog.


Three weeks later, AdSense ads started showing up on the moss9ja blog. Guys, AdSense is not much of a complicated Ad program, it’s being too careful to protect it’s advertisers. If you think you’re doing things right but they’re still not approving, move on, change your template and almost everything about your site and reapply through It should work.


Congratulations man! Chaktty

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Congratulations bro… And thank you for sharing these tips here. I know tons of people who will want to sell such valuable information. More power to your elbow bro…

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Nice writeup… As an entertainment blogger, i applied for g adsense a couple of months back but got denied…

Thanks Man!

It’s a pleasure.

I guess you know why you got denied now?

Google complained about navigation…So i had to change my old template, to my current one. But there’s this belief that its quite difficult for ent bloggers to get approved. How true is this? This is my url

Not true. I observed that AdSense either wants you to get the traffic or get the content and generate value to your audience. If you’re not getting so much traffic and you have copied content, the program won’t approve. Websites with real content and low traffic like and got approved. News sites with tons of copied content like and got approved too, so its either ways. Get the traffic or get the content. As for your blog, it’s cool, but is a bit low on traffic and you have some copied gists, true?

Lol…More like copied, edited gist… Thanks Mosswriter, will certainly work on my traffic and try to add more of my content (although i do have a few) before applying again for google adse

Yeah, it should work. You’re welcome.

This write up is filled with rubbish. Adsense doesn’t care but Google does? Do you even know what you are talking about? Jide abeg stop people wey dey take weed from posting here.

I had a blog with more than 100k pageviews daily with copied content, yet Adsense didn’t approve my blog. I bought a new domain, I wrote 13 articles with 1000 words each and I got approved within 8days.

Trust me, I have been approved more than 7 times and I know what I am talking about.

  1. Adsense does not care about traffic. (Keep this in your head). Sites with more than 300k/ 500k pageviews daily get banned and rejected every time.

  2. Content is king and Adsense cares about content. Stop deceiving people. If you know nothing about Adsense, it’s not right to claim you are an expert because you were approved.

  3. Someone who tried 19 times shouldn’t be giving tips on how to get approved because you have no clue.

  4. Vivian gists and the rest had about 50 unique content with about 100 words each before they applied and many of them bought adsense accounts.

Dont deceive anyone here… You need to have unique content and a good website. Traffic doesn’t matter to Adsense. Period!

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Didn’t mention anything about being an expert, or did I? Read the Title again, I’m sharing my experience and how I got through. If you don’t agree, ignore it or read the Ogbonge Planet policies again.

Adsense doesn’t approve useless blogs anymore. You must follow due process to get approved. After the Adsense injection nonsense got busted, they employed more than 1000 people to help approve blogs. So blogs go through human review unlike before and they don’t approve stupid blogs anymore.

Yes, I agree that it’s not really a hard job to get your adsense approved. I bought a new domain on the first of this month, I wrote 13 articles, designed my blog very well and included Privacy Policy etc and applied on the 2nd of this month. I got my adsense approved on the 8th.

I can get an account approved again and again and again. You just need to be wise in your dealings and it has nothing to do with traffic…

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That’s how you see it? It’s cool. I agree.

And I am saying your experience is wrong. You got declined 19 times and you still don’t know the rules.

Sorry for the harsh words… Blogs like this get approved quickly … I will remove the url soon.

Since you’re really good at doing this. I’m not. Have a nice time here.

They approve blogs like this within 4 days…

So you just have to dedicate your time into writing something nice and helpful. Traffic doesn’t matter to them at all but it can only speed up your approval time.