How do you get quality backlinks (share your strategy)

(Aboyi Pius) #1

To our bloggers and SEO pros, what’s your strategy for getting quality backlinks?

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

We will love to hear yours first :smile:

(Aboyi Pius) #3

Lol, accidentally o. Like one time I got a backlink from needrom when someone mentioned a post from my site on how to root root most mtk Kitkat devices.

I know that is how Google wants things to be done sha but it can be so slow. Let’s hear better ways…

(Samuel Attah) #4

Commenting on Blogs related to your Niche…

(John Onwuegbu) #5

Do links via comments still count as quality links? Since Google algorithm is now “intelligent”, it’s able to tell even how a link was obtained, and the formerly non inclusive links like adding a naked url without making it clickable is now considered in a sites overall popularity, and thus ranking. Thank you!

(John Onwuegbu) #6

The best link strategy is to relate with industry leaders and publishers of all class, when you feature their products, you get direct link back from their sources. That’s my story and is working for

(Jide Ogunsanya) #7

Sounds like ‘link exchange’. Isn’t it? @Questechie :wink:

(Aboyi Pius) #8

So how do I get people to respond to my link exchange requests? Or even get reputable sites to knw that I exist? @Questechie and @jidetheblogger

(John Onwuegbu) #9

Yes! But getting willing bloggers for link exchange is the bane.

(John Onwuegbu) #10

That the main problem with link exchange. It’s best to go about it just as you’d request for a guest post opportunity.

(Moses Ukanna) #11

Link Exchange is against Google’s policies… You know that. And it’s not that easy to get people to link to you when review their product… Most times… You don’t get a positive response.

(Gift) #12

Link exchange and comments on other blogs

(Moses Ukanna) #13

It doesn’t work. Commenting on other blogs will get you helpless nofollow backlinks. #1: Guest Post on other Blogs.

#2: Write quality content.

#3: Create a forum/app/a too that’s unique and that adds value. This way people will link to your blog when trying to direct users or customers to the tool/app.

#4: Host contests (writing contests or something that’ll pull the crowd).

#5: Advertise your blog on one of these very popular TV channels. It’s expensive but the millions that’ll go running to your blog will blow your mind. Make the advert very catchy while emphasizing on the value your blog provides, and emphasizing on how that value helps.

(Aboyi Pius) #14

TV adverts ke.

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(Moses Ukanna) #15

Yes. It’s out of the mainstream advert strategies, it magically works… Explosively.

(Endy Uzo) #16

just write original and quality content other blogs will refer from you

(Moses Ukanna) #17

Because other blogs can’t write better content? That’s the idea of competition. When you try to make a difference by creating quality content in a sphere where everyone else is trying to create quality content, you’ll find yourself back in the crowd, making no difference. Quality content is king, but it’s simply not enough. That’s why at guy at Entrepreneurng said SEO is for broke bloggers. He’s right. We all optimize our blogs to look good on the SERPS, write extremely unique content but with the rate at which people delve into blogging these days, quality content is not enough. Bigger companies are owning blogs now, hiring a few tens of writers to write multiple articles above 2000 words daily, and they get all the links. How do you intend to use your “quality” content strategy" to get quality links in this case?

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(Endy Uzo) #18

Bro this what I have been suffering all the way, I just do what I know is go for my blog and pray people see my post and read meaning to it and get what they came for.

(Moses Ukanna) #19

So, how do you get backlinks? Through Quality content strategy alone?

(Endy Uzo) #20

people link me on their site, through forums and social networks